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I fucked my sister in law story

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I fucked my sister in law story

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Total 0 votes Loading When I was younger I used to go visit my sister-in-law at her home.

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Pulling out I slammed hard into her making her moan load, I leaned down to her face and for the first time, our lips and tongues met, sliding franticly over each others, lust, pure passion was the moment, our bodies were grinding firmly but not too much to wake her, I glanced over at my wife to double check and then looked back at my sis-in-law, she looked as storry and smiled deviously at me.

Once again we embraced and she threw her arms around me and gave me a long passionate kiss. I felt like I was in heaven! In our culture men never think about women, and they think that women have no desire for sex.

Screwing my sister-in-law

Wordless, she removed her shirt. During the interval I went to get some snacks with my wife and Savitha for all of us. Once the movie was over, we waited for a couple of minutes for the crowd inside the theatre to move out. Be of moisture exuded from her skin on her forehead, resembling the morning dew on lae rose petal.

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We began kissing each other passionately, my cock sliding back n forth in her faster and faster, her pussy tightened with the increase of speed. We continued with this till she suddenly started to push and grind her bottom at a frantic speed, moaning and groaning as though possessed by the devil, as she peaked to a rapturous climax. She cupped my face in both her hands and planted her lips on mine.

I reached down with both hands and for the first time I squeezed that magnificent ass, the ass that had been the object of my intense sexual desire for several years. I closed my eyes as she worked me up to boiling point, I was almost on the verge of cumming and was so tempted to cum in her mouth, but the thought of filing her up again was too much and I pulled away from her mouth, pulled her up turning her around and bent her over to lean on the sink, with one swift move I slammed my cock deep into her used cunt and fucked her as hard as I could, she moaned loud calling out my name, telling me to fuck her harder I fucked my sister in law story sister-in-law had a rather unique body.

Her presence always excited me sexually.

How i fucked my sister-in-law

It was like poking into a cup of hot jelly. Bhabhi too seemed to be obsessed with thoughts of sexual passion and fulfillment whenever I was there and sometimes would wantonly stand and spread her plump ass checks while I was rubbing between her ass crack that was my favorite fantasy. Little was left to exposed to my eyes, although I could tell she was still hiding a lot inside of her dress.

I fucked her so long and hard that she finally stopped moving against me, stopped meeting my violent, hammering thrusts, stopped fucking me back and just laid there, taking it.

I looked at her face; her eyes looked up at mine and were full of lust. I was very hard and removed my clothes with only my underwear on. When she bent down to put my soda on the coffee table, I could clearly see most of her double-Ds. Since my wife was also there she storyy them. We were fucking like rabbits.

As she sat down her breasts came out, but she deliberately took the time to put them back in. Back and forth between each nipple, long slow thrusts of my throbbing cock in and out of her sopping pussy. I was behind Savitha, I felt her back and buttocks as we moved between the rows of seats. I kissed her again deeply, a passionate kiss that had been missing in our lives for so long, yet one that we craved.

Our voices were low, but our bodies could or should have woken anyone up by now.

During the next couple of days, nothing happened. I let it out of my mouth and took the other nipple in my lips.

First time with my sister-in-law

It was easy for me to become hard again after stoy a fuck session with her. I began to use both my hands on fucmed breasts, first squeezing and fondling, then focusing on her stiffening nipples. She could see my breathing was a little short and my face red, not just from embarrassment, but from being hot as well. Her kiss was soft, gentle, probing. I was stunned at her quickness. I began to notice many times that she was flirting with me.

She groaned and grunted as I tweaked and pinched on her nipples. She sat upright by my side after she set the tray on the table.

I was halfway done with my soda and she was getting a fourth glass. I climbed in and lay down beside her, took her in my arms and kissed her like I would never let her go and never wanted to! Every time she caught me staring, she would start laughing, asking me what was wrong. I thought that all those looks, all those accidental touches meant that you felt something of what I did, please just follow your instincts and let this happen.

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I lost to her badly, not once but twice as I was in another world, but smiling and watching her closely. My wife is none the stkry and we have since had sex in the same bed sharing with each other. We always felt closer to each other on deep level than we ever had with anyone else. Finally we returned home in an auto rickshaw and I had some more sisyer, feeling her body. She stroked the length of it then massaged the head.

I guess she was trying to show me that she could fuck as good as her personal escort sister. Our tongues locked together, attacking each other while each of us groaned with excitement.

Her large breasts were swaying back and forth as we fucked. Make me cum, make me cum, I have wanted to do this for years.

New sister in-law

They were full and round with nice perfect nipples, both of which were hard and sticking out. Then I remembered how she had responded. I was massaging her boobs in a circular manner with my palms and occasionally giving them tight squeezes.