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Looking for a girl in the strangest place

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Looking for a girl in the strangest place

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This is not an article, and the only criterion for inclusion is consensus that an article fits on this .

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I was on a pretty hefty raw broccoli kick at the time, after reading it may be good for the old hairline.

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Yes Thank you for ing up to Live Science. The farmers and herders who built the structure starting 5, years ago continued to add to it over a period of years.

This was recent! They say "From the outside looking in you can never understand it, and from the inside looking out you can never explain it," but we'll give it s try anyway. The briny water is denser than the rest of the seawater, which causes underwater lakes to form that appear separate from the surrounding sea. The blue angel is carnivorous and feeds on other venomous sea creatures, such as the Portuguese man o' war.

Wikipedia:unusual place names

Boyfriend worked there. Everyone was sleeping, so we snuck out to the ambulance. I don't think my brother ever realized what happened. Glaucus Atlanticus is a species of sea slug nicknamed the "blue angel. This creature was actually the inspiration for the Neomorph in "Alien: Covenant," according to Digital Spy. You will receive a verification shortly. And got busted.

Looking back, I wouldn't do it now, but Lookingg have done it better if we were young again! It is filled with enigmatic illustrations and diagrams that seem to depict everything from unusual plants to women with swollen bellies bathing in green pools.

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The most inaccessible place in the world is called Point Nemo. Most Read. The Aztecs, who would later make pilgrimages to the site, gave it its modern name, tue means "the place where the gods were created. Bismuth is an element with a psychedelic surface. Ironically she told me she only felt an attraction to ffor so quickly due to the meow, seriously, how does that make any sense?

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He was hooked up to a heart monitor, and I wonder now if the nurses saw any activity on that and plzce something was going on! The cathedral includes a giant salt cross and can accommodate up to 10, people, though it has never been filled to capacity.

Bermuda triangle

There are about 1, of them, and their torsos are buried, leaving only human-like faces above ground. In the middle of the night, after the rain stopped, my friend-with-benefits and I snuck out into the backyard and ended up behind the shed. Several times.

Started in North Carolina and ended in South Carolina. If you wish to add an article to this list, the article in question should preferably meet one or more of these criteria: The article is something a reasonable person would not expect to find in a standard encyclopedia. Now we have a house, a dog and are getting married. It's been nicknamed "frozen smoke" or "solid cloud" because of its ethereal appearance.

71 women share the craziest places they've had sex

I don't regret it, but can't believe I did that! Silly woman. Then, there was the time we had it in the pews at a different church. Shutterstock Tardigrades, also called water bears or moss piglets, are fascinating microorganisms that can survive just about anywhere. Oh, young love.

Vantablack is the darkest known substance in the universe. A burial ground? We were staying with my parents for Christmas, and my brother offered us his room while we were in town. A UFO landing site? The biggest living thing on Earth is a massive fungus. Lists of unusual things in Wikipedia mainspace see Category:Lists of things considered unusual should have an external Lookihg for each entry that specifically classifies it as unusual, to avoid making it a point of view POV fork of original research.

Here are some of the strangest things on earth you may not have heard of

In retrospect, it was awesome. The slug's mesmerising looks belie a dangerous nature. It was fun, and I would do it again. They prefer to hang out in moist places like mud or moss, but according to Smithsonian magazine, the creatures can survive in environments at least as cold as degrees Fahrenheit degrees Stranyest or as hot as degrees Fahrenheit degrees Celsius.

2. the blue angel sea slug looks like an alien.

I was seeing the bartender at the time. I was sitting on his lap and had a coat on my lap. Turns out we spent the rest of the afternoon together and we just celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary. This mysterious spot was only discovered in when miners drained the water from a zinc mine beneath Ni, in the Mexican state of Chihuahua.

Ztrangest was developed in the UK by Surrey NanoSystems in and is actually a collection of vertical carbon tubes that are "grown" on a substrate. Scientists have also found that water bears can survive radiation, boiling liquids, pressures more than six times gor of the deepest part of the ocean, and even the vacuum of space. Those [days] were the most extreme!