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Movies about friends falling in love

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Movies about friends falling in love

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Pinterest Falling in love with your best friend is the ultimate dream.

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I think I might have thrown my shoe at the screen in frustration since Dexter was apparently unable to see fallling we all could; the best woman for him is his best friend. Raj and Pooja, Mujhse Dosti Karoge! This is a situation of bad timing and mild stupidity; she waited too long and he fell in love with someone else. When Raj moves to the US, he makes sure to stay falliing touch with his crush, Tina.

15 big-screen best friends who turned into more

Kal Ho Naa Ho I lost count of the of times I cried my eyeballs out during this movie; I probably killed a small tree with the amount of tissues I had to use to mop up my soaked face. How many best friends would brave something they are afraid of, just so they could have the chance to help you? If you enjoyed this article, subscribe to MovieBabble via to stay up to date on the latest content.

He sacrifices coming back to life so that she could falping her dad back.

Movies about friends who fall in love

Share this Article:. Monica Courteney Cox and Chandler Matthew Perry not only gave us all a peek into what happens when two best friends fall in love, they also showed us how a relationship that began like theirs did could last through the years. As luck would have it, one day, she woke up as one. For Jo, their friendship took precedence over everything. MovieBabble on Patreon so that new content will always be possible. Rahul falls for the new girl, causing Anjali to rethink her feelings for him.

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This is the movie that has the legendary Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol chemistrywith outstanding performances from the supporting cast as well. Aisha has come to Mumbai for a job, and Sid is the first friend she makes here. He meets Sally after they graduate from college—both of them are headed towards New York, where Sally is beginning journalism school and Harry is starting a career.

A well layered story that took its time to build a friendship, and then craft a romance from that. There are a lot of strong impactful moments in the movie for me: the discussion on how friendship is the beginning and last step to a relationship, that love can grow and develop, the fact that her best friend knows she is in love with another man yet has the strength to be confident in his love for her. It does add to the realism though, since movies about friends falling in love one starts out like a kissing pro.

He annoyed her to bits, and whenever they got together, something had to go wrong.

Aditi and Jai, Jaane Tu Karan Saif Ali Khan met Rhea Rani Mukherji on a plane, and continued to bump into each other for several years before becoming best friends. The story revolves around her trying to reconnect with Matt Mark Ruffaloher childhood best friend, while fallimg with adulthood and correcting all the mistakes her older self made while growing up. Whether it be old or new, the choice is up to you!

Before she dies, she composes 8 letters for their child for each of her birthdays, giving her mofies material needed to get Anjali and Rahul back together. Mary Stuart Masterson delivers such a good performance here.

Just a he up guys, if your best friend offers to help you practice your kissingI can assure you there is nothing platonic about that. It just took some fairy dust and time travel for Jenna to realise that Matt was her one true love. Though the two take some time to get into a rhythm, they end up developing a unique, albeit platonic, bond.

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The iconic diner scene, those late-night phone calls made while watching old movies, and the hilariously honest way in which they communicate with each other, stands testament to the fact that these two did grow to be best friends with time—and of course, fall in love eventually. Also read:. I might have thrown my other shoe because of the ending. Thanks for reading! After they are married, Tina dies because of complications during childbirth.

Her conflict is easy to inn she is in love with her best friend yet she wants to help him get the girl of his dreams.

What movie topic should I discuss next? It is such a tragic story: Naina loves Aman and he loves her, but he is dying.

11 reel-life best friends who fell in love on screen

But alas, it was not to llve. Thomas J set the bar high in my opinion. The guy is obviously in love with her, he builds a doll house for her for crying out loud. This is a movie I have jn many times, wishing I had the kind of best friend she did. In other words, go shoeless if you decide to watch this movie. My Girl This was the movie that inspired me to make the list in the first place.

"best friends fall in love" movies

Thank God a flash forward to the future allowed her to see how perfect her best friend was for her. Comment down below! I mean, the boy went searching for her mood ring because he knew it was important to her. Try to imagine what that would look like. Thank God he finally saw the light and they ended up together. Do you have any movies you would add to the list? Pinterest Falling in love with your best friend is the ultimate dream. He eventually gets kicked out of his own home, and moves in with Aisha.

The banter and chemistry are just as good now as it was when I saw it all those years ago.

10 movies that encourage us to fall in love with our best friend

Ahead, we list out the some of the frienes iconic reel-life lpve friends that fell in love with each other on the big screen. Did you know that Monica was supposed to end up with Joey originally? Life went on and Rhea got married to someone else, and Karan became successful in his career, but one day, he met her in Paris and found out that her husband had died in an accident.

Witty, sexy, fashionable, loyal — I wondered why Keith would even pursue Amanda Jones when he has a best friend like Watts. It is mivies opinion that Jo was afraid that she would lose Teddy if things went south should they get romantically involved. Still, my heart literally broke when he decides to get married to someone else, though this is undone by the end of the movie.

After countless adventures, near-death experiences and high school drama panning over seven school years, the two realise that they love each, and finally share a kiss just before the last big fight against Voldemort.