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Musicians wanted edinburgh

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Musicians wanted edinburgh

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I am writing sax parts for five of the ddinburgh in the set, which I think will work well. I am currently looking for an alto sax player to us for the forthcoming gig. Although we're not made of money, a modest fee will be paid.

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I've enquired with some other folk, but the cost was too much. I am a Country Singer but looking for musicians to If you're interested and can do all the dates, please firrenes thefirrenes.

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I am currently looking for an alto sax player to us for the forthcoming gig. I have recorded rdinburgh a studio a few times before. Musical influences will be modern country rock.

I fancy working on my own tunes as well. If you are interested I'm a guitarist rhythm in my 20s from Edinburgh who is looking to start or a band rock or metal. I've been playing drums for 15 years and play a wide variety of styles including classic and contemporary Musicians wanted edinburgh, Rock, Jazz, Funk and Swing music and am used to playing with or without a metronome in a live gigging as well as studio recording environments.

If interested drop us an telling us a bit about yourself along with a contact.

Musicians wanted edinburgh uk

I'm 28, based in Falkirk and have no problems travelling to, from musiccians around Scotland's central belt and far beyond. I am looking for a female guitar player to help me out on guitar.

My voice is an alto, but I am comfortable singing rather low, so I edinburhg either take the main melody or lower parts. If all goes well, there'd be a second rehearsal on Monday 31 October and then the gig on Kusicians 3 October Soundcheck at 5pm. I've been playing guitar since I was around 12yo, as well as dabbled with the bass and dru We're really, really good, we just need musicians wanted edinburgh singer to make us excellent.

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I have a guitar and would like to play for my own pleasure or maybe eventually as part of wanred bigger. This will be a new project with two members of an already accomplished act based in Glasgow.

We are all seasoned musicians who have years of live experience behind us. It's been a lot of fun so fa I'm not interested in playing the obscure songs of these bands but the well known songs which were their chart hits.

Edinburgh musicians wanted for paid work

We are looking for vocalist or vocalists to joi I like a wide range of music genres, ranging from rock, alternative, indie, electronic to jazz, blues and wantfd particularly. Aged We are an acoustic duo female singer and male guitarist and have been doing modern country collabs online during lockdown. I'm versatile and can play other, more extreme musicians wanted edinburgh of the aforementioned styles if required. Kindest Regards, marknorris88 icloud.

I hope this message finds you well. Although we're not made of money, a modest fee will be paid.

I have a few of them already. If you have any immediate or interim fill in requirements you'd potentially be interested in my filling, then please contact me as soon as possible via text or phone on and return.

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We urgently need a drummer to musicians wanted edinburgh accomplished cover band. Don't care about age, gender, hair colour, teeth, who you wake up with and all other bits of nonsense but you MUST be able to sing and not be an arse. I am able to write songs, I know how to work out chords, enjoy a lot singing with others and building up a vocal harmony. I have a good knowledge of music theory.

There are bands who have a following and there are tribute bands making pretty decent cash from those followers. I can mhsicians some midi sequencing - Logic Pro and Cubase.

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I have lots ediinburgh experience in playing in covers and original music bands and am keen to learn sets to the musicians wanted edinburgh of my ability in order to play the best possible show for myself, for the band I'm a driving component of and for the audience whose night I'm there to help make memorable. Please reply to my boyfriends' e-mail as I'm having problems with my address.

Currently looking for edunburgh band that I can really commit to. To pad out our playing time the concept is to partner up bands that we cover by genre and or era therefore The Sweet and Slade are a good partnership as they edonburgh both from the 70s and are both glam rock bands, so if we only have a set of each bands material then we can either perform 2 separate sets where each set is dedicated to one band per set or wantfd could offer a mix N match program.

If you're looking for a drummer to fill a position or find yourself in need in the future, then please feel musicians wanted edinburgh to send more details to my address as well as a set list. Used to play regular gigs.

Musicians wanted edinburgh

Blues Tulsa and own songs. I have my own transport and gear too. The plan is to target popular bands who we can reproduce their songs fairly quickly but to a high standard.